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My blogs, courses, Q&A's, and other content will cover everything from the basics of horse ownership all the way to what it takes to compete at the upper levels, and everything in between.


About Michael:

         Intermediate/3* eventer          USDF Bronze Medalist          Family-owned Boarding Facility for 15+ years


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Getting into horses

Learn about the many factors in buying a horse, boarding it, and beginning your riding career.


Improving your riding and knowledge

Get expert advice to help you boost your riding and horse knowledge


Climbing the levels

Want to bridge the gap between lower levels and the mid-upper levels? Find out how with actionable programs, exercises, theories, and insights on how to make it up the levels.


I'm Michael Willham


I have been very fortunate to have had super supportive parents in my riding journey who have helped provide the opportunities to turn my once-a-week riding lessons into a full-fledged upper level eventing experience.

I've also been fortunate to sometimes be in the right place at the right time with the right connections. As I've spent more and more years near the top levels of the sport, I've come to realize that I have absorbed a great deal of knowledge from watching, training with, and competing against some of the world's best riders. The type of knowledge that is not widespread or accessible to many people and many locations, like in Ohio where I am based.

I realized I could combine my love for teaching with this wealth of knowledge to help others! Whether you are new to horses and want to prepare yourself, or have ridden for a long time and want to progress your knowledge and/or move up the levels, I can help!

I also realized that I occupy a unique space in that I am not a full-time rider who rides 12 horses each day. I have a full-time office job and have my two horses that I ride and compete as a hobby. So while I have learned a vast amount from my time around Olympians, I feel that I am able to more closely relate, translate, and adapt that knowledge to the typical rider: someone who rides once a week or maybe has one or two horses that they ride on a somewhat daily basis.

I have learned a large amount from being around the best of the sport, but oftentimes I feel that they are sometimes out of touch with those of us who don't ride a dozen horses each day. Too many things just come as automatic to them as breathing, and I feel that many of the top riders lose the ability to break things down and explain them.

So through my own experience as well as the lessons I've taught, I've developed an ability to make my knowledge applicable to the "grassroots" riders! After teaching lessons on the side of my office job, I realized that I could do so much more if I could develop a way to teach online!


Blog Posts

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Get Out of the Arena

May 10, 2024

Opinions Part 2: Curiosity Versus Certainty

May 09, 2024

The Demands of Top Level Riding

May 08, 2024


The Riding School

Take control of your riding future with my comprehensive courses, all available to Equine Academy members such as:

Polework 101

Learn the basics of groundpoles and how to incorporate them into your every day riding to develop both yourself and your horse.


Lightness Off The Aids

Say goodbye to kicking and working hard to get your horse to respond. Being the rider with the quiet aids is much closer than you think!


Dressage Ringmanship

Learn how to increase your dressage scores without even improving your horse's gaits. You'll learn how to use the arena better to gain more points!


Position Basics

Build and maintain a better position to make your job and your horse's job much easier! Oftentimes we are actually the root cause of our horses not responding well. Put yourself in the best position first, then you will be much more capable to influence the way your horse goes.


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